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ISS archipelago day
The dead fall
Midsummer's Eve
Pedro's birthday party
Forsgrens' wedding
Ludvin's examination
Reunion of my class
Sofia's hen party
Skanska 21 in Höganäs
Squvalp 2007
Beyonce at the Globe
Walpurgis in Uppsala
ISS picnic Vaxholm
Erasmus day
AGM 2007
Athens Programme
Corridor Party
ISS in Romme
Dam- och herrmiddag 2007
LAVA 2007
Dinner at Mellow
Club Blue Navy
ISS Welcome activities
New year 2007
Photo archives 2006
Photo Archives 2005

 My Photo Gallery

 As you know I like taking pictures and sharing then with friends.
Here you can find pictures from my  latest
 trip or some other leasure activitie.

Use Internet Explorer to view my web.
Use tab and enter on the slide shows.
e indulgent, some of the pictures will not be shown due to some error on the program. Let me know (through my guestbook) if you need to see a missing picture.

According to copyright you may copy pictures for pivate use. You may not publish the pictures e.g. on the internet without the permission of the originator - © Tania Tello. The same applies for public shows e.g. showing the picture when giving an address.

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